Jushua (Jush) Mayo

Jushua (Jush) Mayo is originally from the Island of Guam. His dance career has stemmed from competing, performing in showcases, and being cast in production shows throughout Guam and United States. Most of Jush’s training consisted of dance classes, workshops, and dance conventions throughout the west coast at studios such as Millennium Dance Complex and Edge Performing Art Center in Los Angeles.

Throughout his journey as a competitor and choreographer, he has acquired many awards such as “Best Choreography” “Most Entertaining” and “Picture Perfect Movement” to name a few. At the age of 17, Jush started teaching at dance studios all over Guam and California. Studios have landed awards such as “National Champions”, “Hip Hop Champions”, and “Top Studio” through his vision and passion for teaching kids. He choreographed a piece called “Feedback” which was awarded top score overall and was invited to perform at Disney World, Florida, to be showcased in front of hundreds of people.

Jush knew how hard it is to break the barrier into the dance industry especially coming from a small island. However, his big heart landed him professional opportunities to perform and work for companies such as Royal Caribbean, Sea World, and Disney. Jush is ready to enter a new role in the industry. After years of managing dance companies and teaching various styles such as jazz, contemporary, competitive gymnastics, and Jazzfunk, he is now ready to take on the role as one of the Directors of MAD.

Kristen Mettes-Hambidge

Kristen Mettes-Hambidge has been instructing dancers of all ages for over 15 years. As an instructor, she has won awards including First Overall, Best Choreography, Most Entertaining, Judges Choice and Best Costuming. She has been privileged to dance among some of the today’s top instructors and dancers. She has danced under the instruction of the father of jazz dance Gus Giordano and Jo Rowan.

Along with teaching, she has been professionally trained in voice, gymnastics, and theatre. Mettes-Hambidge has c oached/choreographed f or danc e teams across the c ountry. F or over five years she had been the director of a competitive team in Pensacola as well as an instructor for Pensacola State College summer dance program. Some of her students have gone professional dancing for teams like the Chicago Bulls and Phoenix Suns. As being one of the Directors of MAD, she is now ready to continue to build a community of dancers with MAD Skills!

“I feel that God has blessed me in the art of dance. I wake up every morning and go to a place of work that I love. I adore educating students and teaching. This is what I do, it’s who I am.”



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